March 31, 2006

I have heard that the 5 lug 94-2005 Mustang wheels fit perfectly on the 5 lug Toyota trucks. They have the correct offset.
I found a killer deal on some 17 x 8 stock mustang wheels and I hope they bolt right up to the Toyota truck. I know the lug pattern is the same
5 x 4.5
I have a 1994 2wd Toy Pickup.
Tires on the 17 inch wheels are 245.45.17. (25.7 inches tall)
I was thinking I might want to run a 235 40 17 to get closer to the wheel diameter (25.5)
I am running 205-70-14 right now (cheap aftermarket wheels) 25.4 inches tall.
So will they fit or do I need to space out the the front wheels so they do not rub?
I do not know what the stock size tires were.
Thanks for the info